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Product and Still Life
  If you want to sell your products online photographs are a critical necessity!

We photograph products of all types on film or digital to suit your requirements. A large kit of artificial lighting gear and grip with numerous softboxs, light disks, fresnel and ellipsoidal spotlights allow us to get that high end well lit look.

We come to your place of business and shoot there or in one of our studios conveniently located around the San Francisco Bay Area. If you want product photos for your website we can often shoot 100 simple setups in a day and have the JPG files made to size ready for you to use the next day.

Hotel and Restaurant
  Make your business look appealing with good photography!

We have made many wonderful photographs of the interiors of first class hotels and restaurants in the Bay Area.

Use these images on your web site, in brochures and as display prints and transparencies. Good photography enhances the perceived value of your business.

We offer ultra wide medium and large format cameras to make your interiors look as spacious as possible.

We can make large mounted and laminated prints with pictures and copy for displays.

Food Photography
  There is nothing like an appealing food photograph...

Food photography for window and showcase displays is the most important advertising investment that a restaurant can make.

If you have appealing pictures in your windows and menus you will see a measurable result in sales in areas with good foot traffic....

We come to your restaurant during the off hours and photograph your dishes using our backgrounds and artificial lighting.

We can supply you with high quality UV cut laminated prints and transparencies with copy up to 44" wide.

  Professional interior and exterior photographs are the ultimate in curb appeal!

Interior and exterior architectural photography with artificial and natural lighting.

Artistic photographs that capture the essence of your interior spaces and buildings for advertisements, annual reports and displays.

High dynamic range, HDR, and Non-VR panoramic photographs,

With our ultra wide cameras and specialized artificial lighting gear we can make your properties look like a million dollars!

Editorial and Brochures
  Dynamic photographs and photo illustrations for all your print needs!

We have done many editorial photographs from internal spreads to covers for a variety of magazines.

With digital retouching a fantasy world of photo illustration is available to you at a reasonable price.

Call and discuss your project with us today!

Headshots and Portraits
  We all need a good headshot, have you updated yours recently ?

We have made literally hundreds of Headshots for many different purposes ranging from executives at HP to fashion models from prominent SF modeling agencies.

Our photographic techniques and digital cosmetic retouch services can make anyone look like a star!

Headshots are either done in our Fremont studio or on location depending on your needs. We use digital when possible to keep costs down and speed delivery of your pictures.

All packages include a minimum of one retouched digital master ready for you to use and the remaining color and density corrected images on CD or DVD converted into JPG format.

Product and Still Life

Hotel and Restaurant

Food Photography


Editorial and Brochures

Headshots and Portraits

Oraio Graphic Design
  Panos Vassiliadis supplied the designs that I turned into the Lamiframe web site.
Jim Parkinson Type Design
  Jim is an American icon in type design. We all grew up on his work and continue to see it daily.
Julie Sullivan Design
  Julie is a top notch graphic designer and a Lucky Girl!
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Cooksey-Talbott Studio has been doing commercial photography in the San Francisco Bay area since 1978. We are centrally located in Fremont, CA. We do tabletop, product, portrait, architectural, food and advertising photographs. We have extensive artificial lighting and grip gear and a variety of top of the line digital and film cameras in large, medium and small formats.

High quality color printing, We are digital imaging specialists and produce high quality large color giclee prints in house up the 40x60. These color and black and white prints are ideal for everything from artists reproducing their paintings and watercolors to trade show displays and exhibits. Prints can be laminated for trade show and display usage and panel mounted for permanent displays.

We design and program inexpensive e-commerce web sites as well as producing the necessary product and lifestyle photos. Cooksey-Talbott Studio has been a PayPal developer for over 5 years and has developed a number of database driven online applications for small and large businesses.

Corporate art consulting services are available to provide custom art work for your offices, medical suites, lobbies, hallways and boardrooms as well as supplying the Cooksey-Talbott Collection of limited edition fine art nature photography. We offer corporate art services from consultation through the installation of the finished artworks.

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