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Commercial Photography
  Film and digital specialists with over 30 years experience...
Film on a light table...

We offer a full range of commercial photographic services using the latest in digital equipment or film from 10mp through 4x5.

We have extensive lighting and grip equipment and can come to your location with a complete studio.

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Aerial Photography
  Helicopter photography services in the Bay Area
Robison R-22 Helicopter

Aerial photography in the Bay Area,

We make aerial photographs in the Bay Area using small helicopters with the door removed on the cameraman's side.

Real Estate, Construction Work in Progress, Corporate, Advertising, monitoring, and more.


We offer short flight times to locations in the Bay Area. Flying out of the Hayward airport allows us to be overhead anywhere from San Jose to Richmond in less then a half hour.

Visit our South Bay Aerial Photography site for more information.

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Custom Web Design
  Unique web sites that make an impression!!!!

The finest technology in the world comes from the garages in silicion valley. Good technology works for you and should not be overly complex.

We have written software that allows you to effectively manage your web site without special tools or knowlege.

This allows us to sell custom designed websites with a high degree of functionality at a reasonable cost.

Picture of Web Page

Because we are also a photo and video studio this means that you can get the entire site and all of the necessary artwork from a single vendor.

Have a look at our portfolio of recent sites and see what our technology package can do for you!

> E-Commerce Web Site Design and Programming

Giclee Printing
  Make fine quality archival reproductions of your photos, paintings and watercolors!
30x40 of Mirror Lake

A 30 x 40" canvas print rolling off of the printer.

Giclee prints have greater permanance and higher quality then wet photographic prints.

We offer prints to 44x90" on our new state of the art Canon 8100 - 12 color  printer.

With our skilled color correction prints can be made that perfectly match the colors of your paintings and watercolors.


We offer spraying for canvas prints using Breathing Color Glamour II Giclee Varnish. We spray multiple coats to protect the surface and to block harmful UV radiation.

We have a variety of Canvas, Watercolor and Smooth Fine Art and Banner media on hand.

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Media Production Services
  A full range of digital media production services allows us to provide turnkey solutions...
Lifestyle Photo Lifestyle Photo Lifestyle Photo Lifestyle Photo Lifestyle Photo

Over the years we have produced most all types of media from traditional still and and linear media to new non-linear computer based media.

We learned digital imaging in the late 80's when we developed digital imaging software for the analysis of aerial videography. This experience was instrumental to gaining a mastery of the digital imaging process.

We can produce highly optimized digital media and ultra high resolution digital images for making large prints. We have in-house facilities to make prints to 40x90" on a variety of media.

Over 100 video games distributed internationally contain code, music and audio art produced and designed by the studios founder Cooksey-Talbott. We offer audio integration services and sound and music design for FMV cut scene and in game audio.

Commercial Photography

Aerial Photography

Custom Web Design

Giclee Printing

Media Production Services

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Cooksey-Talbott Studio has been doing commercial photography in the San Francisco Bay area since 1978. We are centrally located in Fremont, CA. We do tabletop, product, portrait, architectural, food and advertising photographs. We have extensive artificial lighting and grip gear and a variety of top of the line digital and film cameras in large, medium and small formats.

High quality color printing, We are digital imaging specialists and produce high quality large color giclee prints in house up the 40x60. These color and black and white prints are ideal for everything from artists reproducing their paintings and watercolors to trade show displays and exhibits. Prints can be laminated for trade show and display usage and panel mounted for permanent displays.

We design and program inexpensive e-commerce web sites as well as producing the necessary product and lifestyle photos. Cooksey-Talbott Studio has been a PayPal developer for over 5 years and has developed a number of database driven online applications for small and large businesses.

Corporate art consulting services are available to provide custom art work for your offices, medical suites, lobbies, hallways and boardrooms as well as supplying the Cooksey-Talbott Collection of limited edition fine art nature photography. We offer corporate art services from consultation through the installation of the finished artworks.

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